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Here what's going to happen next

Video Call


Get to know each other

Just because you are considering to hire a career coach does not mean we are a match.

Let's jump in a 20 minutes complimentary power call where you tell me:

  • what keeps you awake at night

  • what would you like to achieve professionally

  • why are you considering hiring a coach

In return you can ask as many questions as you want about me and my ​services 


Admin stuff & pre-work

Once hands are shook you will receive from my side the agreement to sign and send back. We will also discuss and consent on the payment terms

Then you are ready to:

  • look into your agenda to set the first zoom meeting

  • set up the payment

  • depending on the program chosen you might do some work prior to our first meeting. Nothing complicated, I am all about fun and results.

Office Work
Work Meeting


Let's get to work

This is the time to go into the nitty gritty of what you want to achieve.

All sessions are via zoom (from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the program chosen). 

During our time together you will have unlimited access to me via email or whatsapp.

You will get some additional tools and exercises to do between sessions.

You will receive highlights useful to move forward and documents to track your  achievements.

Jumping Break Dancer

Are you ready?


Once the sessions are over

It's time for you to push on the gas pedal and Jump. You will put into practice and action what you discovered during the sessions together with the insights and tools received. 

I will hear from you again once you have accomplished your goal.

Is it a new career? A new job? A promotion? I want to hear all about it and toast to it!

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