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Ready to take some action?

You are a mid-senior professional with multiple years experience in mid-big sized international companies with a complex environment


You want to have a better understanding of your next career opportunities without spending precious time searching through websites or reading dozen of self help-books 

You want to have a clear actionable and effective roadmap to achieve your next steps 


You are ready to accept a new challenge to 'twist' your career

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My coaching approach

It starts with a 30 mins complimentary power call. We analyse what are your needs and decide what's next.

A job search strategy? A look into your talents? A career change? I got you covered!

Once the plan is outlined then the ZOOM sessions are set up at your convenience and pace.

During our time together I am always just a click away - email, whatsapp or call.

Change job OR career?

Are you stuck and you cannot take a decision on what to do next professionally?

The career/job assessment can be your first step

Download your FREE assessment here!

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Worried your CV is not selected?

Probably because it contains elements which the A.T.S. (Automated Tracking System) does not recognise.

The result? Your CV goes into the 'NO pile'

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Nice to meet you

I am Elena, an Italian professional in "Tulipland" a.k.a. The Netherlands

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The are many reasons why I decided to become a coach. To make it simple:

I want to support effectively and strategically

those in need to 'twist' their career

During my years in corporations I wrestled micro managers, impossible projects, toxic environments. I had to find my way to deal with it - alone. It took me a lot of time, energy and sacrifices. With a coach, I would have navigated through it in a more adequate way. I want to spare to my clients to go through the same struggles. 

Being an expat gives me an edge over other coaches and see things differently.

Having covered several strategic roles in 20 years of corporate B2B and B2C makes it easier for me to connect the dots between the challenges and struggles within the job roles.

Continuous research is my secret weapon for the change you are looking for.

An International Coaching Federation ACC credentials continuous learning are my foundations in the coaching world.

Allow me to support you in a way that is easy, practical and - most importantly - effective.

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How I Can Help 


job landing strategy

4 steps rapid and efficient strategy to maximise your CV, Linkedin profile, interview preparation


twist your career into a new profession

12 sessions systematic approach to guide you step-by-step in your journey into a new profession

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Twist your strengths into superpowers

11 sessions pragmatic method to uncover your strengths, start using them consciously and turn them into superpowers



Katleho Matsoso

HR Admin

World Sustainability Fund

If I could sum Elena up in one word, well.. there isn't. After attending her 1-on-1 session on career development, not only was Elena pragmatic about her approach, but her resourcefulness gave me a more insightful understanding on how to better improve my CV in this ever changing job market. She offered valuable career advice pertaining to what I am looking for.

Serge De Bock

Sr Programme Mngr


I saw the opportunity for a webinar about Elevator pitch, so I enrolled. I wondered what to expect... When I entered the room, I could realise the diversity. Elena has that ability to put you at ease and get shiest people to interact and talk, she is brilliant to get folks sharing their experience and also their areas of development which is a gift! Most importantly, the quality of the content... we all could find nuggets we can learn and use in our day-to-day life and this is a challenge with such a diversity! It was clear, concise, spot on!

Armando Bermudez

Strategic Procurement 

Streamline Processes

Elena is a great coach and has really helped me focus on my strengths when looking at how my CV has been structured in the past and why the rate of success has not been there despite having the qualifications. Elena is very positive, energetic, creative and supportive. Looking forward to continue with Elena the 1-to-1 sessions to further delve into the matter. Well done Elena! Thank You!

Nicola Lovadina

SCRUM Master


I recently had a 1 on 1 workshop with Elena which I highly recommend. Whatever your goal is having career development or branding she can give you useful and immediate applicable insights. The workshop is very well thought, clear and engaging,you won't be disappointed


Workshops - Webinars & Podcasts

Image by Bram Naus

Together with Resume writer Virginia Franco we talk about CVs and what job seekers should not do

Image by Diego PH

What did I have to reinvent in 2020? A brief talk with Mari Paseva

Image by Cody Engel

What are superpowers? What do you need them for? In this talk with Andrew Lopez you will have the gist of it

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We talk about career development and job change. We explore the major fears linked to make the first step towards a professional change

Biases and job searching webinar

What are the biases while you are job searching? How to recognise and avoid them? Join the conversation to find it out

Work in progress

stay tuned for the next event


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