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Who do you want to become?

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You want to

Identify your next career move without spending a huge amount of time searching through websites or reading self help-books.

Discover your full potential by pinpointing and use your strengths, to enhance yourself, understand the others and interact efficiently in each professional situation.

Silence the constant voices in your head screaming 'you are not enough', 'you are not employable'.

Change your role in 4 to 6 months by maximising the chances of being selected.

What do you want to reinvent

Your Potential

Your Job

Your entire career


Twist your strengths into superpowers

1:1 tailored sessions with a pragmatic method to uncover your strengths, start using them consciously and turn them into superpowers


job landing strategy

4 sessions with efficient strategies and techniques to maximise your CV, Linkedin profile, interview preparation


twist your career into a new profession

1:1 tailored sessions with a systematic approach to guide you step-by-step in your journey into a new profession


Change job OR career? What's the difference?

Download your FREE assessment here to discover it

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Hi, I am


After 20 years in international corporations I decided to become a certified coach. The reason is simple:





During my years in corporations I wrestled micro managers, impossible projects and toxic environments.

I had to find my way to deal with it - alone. It took me a lot of time, energy and sacrifices. With a coach, I would have navigated through it in a more adequate way.

Being an expat myself and having worked with more than 40 nationalities gives me an edge over other coaches.

I want to support effectively and strategically

mid-senior career conflicted professionals in need to identify their next career steps

You don't need to go through the same struggles

My approach is to look at things from different angles. I always test on myself first all the techniques and tools I advise.

Results from  past clients

New job found in
4 months

Increase of 26%
vs. previous salary

Promotion  achieved in  6 months

What  do they say?


Competence, professionalism and pragmatism. I achieved a clarity I couldn't do it alone.

Silvia Mezzasoma

System Engineer - ESTEC

I took the "Job Landing Strategy" program. Now I see the whole job seeking process from a totally different angle and I am more confident. I see the improvement.

Rebeka Pakozdi

Designer - Brandbase

Professional and friendly with a deep and up to date knowledge of the job market. Her strategical and operational tactics helped me in my professional move

Paolo Policastro

Leader Finance - Nhood

In 1 hour webinar we found nuggets to use in our day-to-day life and this is a challenge! It was clear, concise, spot on!

Serge de Bock

Digital Audit Lead - Shell

With her knowledge in the different industries I knew I met the coach to work with. I felt more confident, found my strengths.

Gladys Lapitan

Senior Associate - Amazon

Thanks to her passion and experience in the field the results have been seen in a short time.

Ana Koni

Inside Sales Specialist - Fluke

She gave me a direction in the job hunting. Now I can navigate this chaotic world with more certainty

Daniele Guidi

Bus. Analyst - CRIF

Being a true innovator her personal style helped me reframe my thinking and find novel ways to overcome stumbling blocks. 

Vivian Theodopoulou

Leadership coach - No Limits

Podcasts as a guest

Flip your Script

I am “great reshuffler” and I experienced firsthand how leaving a job and flip my career into a new profession looks like. Identifying and using your strengths is a crucial part of the transition

A life from afar (Italian)

What does it mean to live abroad and change your career? How superpowers come into play? In this podcast we talk - in Italian - about it

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 14.55.17

When you ask yourself "what can I do next professionally?" and you cannot find an answer, you can identify your strengths and turn them into superpowers.

give me a chance

How many times you thought "Give me a chance". When you were interviewed for a position you really liked and the person on the other side of the table doubted of your skills. When you saw a role and you thought 'ah I do not match 100% so I won't apply'. In this podcast we talk about how we need to be the first one to give ourselves a chance.

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 11.56.58

We talk about career development and job change. We explore the major fears linked to make the first step towards a professional change

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 16.57.38

What are superpowers? What do you need them for? In this talk with Andrew Lopez you will have the gist of it

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 16.59.33

Do you want to know what you should and should not as a job seeker? Listen to this talk together with Virginia Franco - CV writer


So...what's your next move?

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Work with me

  • To identify your next steps

  • To accelerate X2 the process to get there

  • To make sure it's  your best choice

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Do it  yourself

  • +100 hours googling while career opportunities fade away

  • Solution and implementation in 20 months from now 

  • Doubts if it's your best choice

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